SCR Power Control Panels

Avatar Instruments offers a wide range of both standard and custom engineered SCR power panels. From 100 watts to mega-watts, Avatar Instruments can build an SCR system to meet your needs.

Avatar Instruments’ standard line of SCR power control panels are engineered with safety and ease of installation in mind. The control panels are prewired and tested on name plate voltage. Customer needs only to install incoming power wires, outgoing heater wires and thermocouple input connections.

Standard panel sizes are 20, 30, 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350 and 600 Amps.  24 to 600VAC.

Standard features include:

Power Control Panels

  • SCR Power Controller – Single or Three Phase; Phase Angle Fired or Zero Voltage Switched
  • NEMA 12 enclosure. Fan cooled or air conditioned
  • Input power circuit breaker or fused disconnect with door interlock
  • Definite purpose power contactor in front of SCR
  • Power On-Off selector switch
  • E-Stop button
  • Power on indication (lamp)
  • Load branch fusing with box style connections to the heaters
  • Temperature controller. Separate over temperature controller
  • Fused control transformer
  • Drawings and bill of materials for your records

Options include:

    • PLC, HMI control w/Ethernet
    • Power monitoring (volts, amperes, watts)
    • Chart recorder
    • Heater on indicator (lamp)
    • Alarm indicators (lamps)
    • Manual reset button
    • Annunciation flashing beacon and/or audible horn
    • Thermocouple outlet(s)
    • Ground Fault Interruption
    • NEMA 3, 3R, 4 and 4X enclosures, for outdoor use or wash down environments.
    • Door interlock shut down; main contactor shut down when door is open.
    • Remote aux input to main circuit breaker
    • Fused 120V convenience outlet

Avatar Instruments uses Honeywell, Omron, Red Lion, Fuji, Partlow and Yokagawa temperature controllers. PLC platforms include Siemens, Red Lion and Allen Bradley. Any major brand of temperature control can be designed into a system upon the customer’s request.

Our UL508A panel shop can provide design and process documentation utilizing AutoCAD, PADs, ProE, Protel, Solidworks or other applicable software platforms. Email your system requirements to Avatar Instruments to [javascript protected email address] for review.

Standard SCR Power Control Panels

480V 100Amp 3PH SCR Control Panel
480V 100Amp 3PH SCR Control Panel

Avatar Instruments panels are engineered and  built for safety, strength and reliability in real world industrial environments.  The system shown has these standard features:

  • Avatar Instruments “A” Series SCR
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Dedicated over temperature limit
  • E-Stop
  • Manual reset button
  • Load branch fusing
  • Circuit breaker w/lockout handle
  • NEMA 12 enclosure w/fan kit
  • Definite purpose contactor interlocked with control logic circuits

Standard SCR Power Control Panel by Avatar Instruments

Custom Control Panels

Below is a success story. Customer had a 40 year old system destroyed in a fire. They had no documentation at all for the damaged system. Avatar redesigned the entire system to include: 9 PID Controls, each controlling an SCR. 28 FM Limit. 36 Heat On indicators, Amp meter, head pressure controller, 7 VFDs, Alarm buzzer and a main DC motor control.


Avatar created this system to replace a fire-damaged system
These photos show the extent of the fire damage before Avatar created new custom panels
These photos show the extent of the fire damage before Avatar created new custom panels

Avatar Instruments provides basic systems to many customers worldwide. Ask us how we can help your next system project.

400 Amp 3-zone system, used overseas.
400 Amp 3-zone system, used overseas.
A single zone PID / SCR Control System, 10kw
A single zone PID / SCR Control System, 10kw
A small bench top 2-zone system.
A small bench top 2-zone system.