Cross Reference for Payne Engineering Controls

Heater/Load Type Heater/Load Characteristics Control Type Payne Model Number Avatar Model Number
Constant Resistance Elements. Immersion heaters. Slow Response On/Off Zero Voltage Switched
  • Payne 11D
  • Payne 11E
  • Payne 18DZ
  • Payne 18EZ
Medium wave infrared, ceramic, cartridge, duct, strip, and band heaters. Platens. Faster response. Constant resistance heaters only. NiChrome, Kanthal. Zero Voltage Switched
  • Payne 18DZ
  • Payne 18EZ
Open coil/wire heaters. Medium wave IR quartz. IR panels Fastest, most precise response. Phase Angle Fired
  • Payne 18D
  • Payne 18E
  • Payne 18TB
Silicon Carbide Heaters. Load changes in resistance with age. High temperature elements. Phase Fired with Current Limit Option
  • Payne 18D-H
  • Payne 18E-H
Tungsten (T-3) Lamps and heaters. Short wave IR elements. Molybdenum heaters. High inrush currents High hot: cold resistance ratio Tungsten 14:1
Molybdenum 20:1
Graphite: 20:1
Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start option
  • Payne 18D-H
  • Payne 18E-H
Transformer coupled loads. Primary driving. Inductive heater loads. Inductive loads.
*3 wire balanced Wye or Delta only
Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start option. Current limit option.
  • Payne 18D-SW
  • Payne 18E-SW*

Product Notes

  • All A & B series controls have fusing of controlled legs as standard.
  • All A, B, & C Series controls have isolated 4-20mA command signal as standard. Other input signals are available. See MAP, MAI series of interface cards.
  • All Avatar Power Controls to 600 Amps have isolated & grounded chassis and SCR blocks.
  • *4 wire 3 Phase systems should use either A6Z, 3CP or 3 single phase controls.